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The approach I prefer to take when designing gardens is to understand the site as well as possible and draw inspiration from its natural elements.

Through consulting with the client and all parties involved in the project, from designers to builders, it is essential that projects are carried out by multiple disciplines which all have to buy into, and create, one vision. Consideration is given to the way the building sits in the greater landscape and how to integrate the building into it's surrounds. I will always design from the inside out, so as to connect the interior and exterior mediums, views and themes. Understanding the aspect of the site is key to a successful design. It underlies many of the decisions to choice of application for the site.

As a designer I feel that I am to link the past with the future by creating a landscape that works, is aesthetically pleasing, has functionality and is ergodynamic. Scale and proportion are important to me as the can have a strong influence on the mood and feeling of a place.

I strive for contrast in my designs as it tugs at our senses. Subtle contrast is often the most difficult to achieve, yet can have the most rewarding results.

My belief is that we should protect our natural environment as far as possible incorporating it into the design process. Sensitive areas should be treated as such.

Landscaping is a dynamic art form. One creates diversity, using different materials, especially the plants, which mature over time. Thereby, one is not just designing for instant gratification, but for the long term upliftment of the space.

"Landscaping is four dimensional"

gary cox
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